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Overtaken by Darkness

On September 19th, 1986, the idyll of Manchester, Vermont was shattered when golf pro Sarah Hunter’s car was discovered partially concealed behind a gas station. She had disappeared with few clues as to where she had gone. Ten weeks later her body was discovered in a cornfield three towns away. Her murder threw a pall of terror and suspicion over the community and kindled a decade’s long mystery. “Overtaken by Darkness” sets forth the facts of the case, and details evidence never before available to the public. The film also reveals the prime suspect, a person long known to law enforcement but never convicted of the crime.

Divided by Diversity

In 2010, five student athletes from the Bronx, NY were accepted to attend a private Catholic school in Vermont. A school in desperate need of students and five teens in search of an opportunity to escape one of the worst crime areas in New York should have been a perfect match. Instead, the youths were met with resistance and conjecture that they had been recruited to prop up a failing basketball program. Feelings of entitlement and resentment, fueled by social media and helicopter parenting, grew to a xenophobic frenzy. “Divided by Diversity” tells the story of how these young men, along with their coaches, teammates and supporters, endured physical and verbal attacks as well as covert attempts to have them returned to New York. It also reveals many of the modern elements that are contributing to racial tension nationwide.

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